Medical Services


MEDGLOBAL, an initiative of Jollof Travels, is one of the latest Jollof Travels flagship products, which provide an all-encompassing medical package for Africans seeking Healthcare services in the United States. MEDGLOBAL is borne out of the need to curb the obvious inadequacies of the health care systems around us; from the lack of standardised medical facilities to gross shortfalls of qualified personnel. These and more present a challenge to Medical health care system hence Medical Tourism.

Travel is synonymous with tourism. Travel is a source of comfort, entertainment and pleasure. Seeking wellness and good health is however an integral part of travel. Medical tourism structure considers tourist as medical guest requiring health treatments abroad. In view of the uniqueness and special nature of medical tourism, it is pertinent therefore to consider the need for optimum level of care and attention.

Jollof Travels MEDGLOBAL is poised to serve health care seekers with getting the best in terms of quality and advanced medical treatment at affordable cost, too.